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My Expertise:

My Expertise:

The world is full of untapped data waiting to be explored. Joel Buhr, First Direct's Chief Data Disruptor is the expert on how to collect, collate and interpret data to provide insights for businesses. With his expertise, businesses get the help needed to spot trends before they happen and make connections that others may never see on their own.

"The goal is to turn data into information, information into insight to properly execute your marketing."

- Joel Buhr

My expertise is in helping organizations get more awareness, leads and customers - starting with having the right data.

What Companies Do I

Work With?

I work with all industries of all sizes. My team and I engage in projects for small "mom and pop" shops as well as large corporate businesses, including Fortune 500 organizations.

How I Can Help You:

Why Should You Work

With Me?

Honestly... if you have to ask, then I'm probably not a good fit.

Favorite Industry Leaders:

Gary Vaynerchuk

Grant Cardone

Ryan Deiss

Favorite Things to

"Geek Out" On:

SQL Queries

Techno-babble Conversations

Star Trek

Enjoys Spending


Flying Planes

Traveling With Family


Always Has a Secret Stash of...In His Desk:

Red Vines


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