Joel Buhr
Are You Getting Your Money's Worth?

Spending Money on Your Business & Investing in Your Business are Two Different Things...Sort Of...

There are so many things you can spend money on when you are a business owner, or if you are a decision-maker in the business. The question is...Are you getting what you expected from spending that money? 

Take marketing for instance. It's no secret that marketing is a necessary investment if you want to continue to keep the doors open. You can't just throw money around and expect the results to just happen for you, it takes a well thought out process; the right audience, the right strategy, the right design, the right level of execution... the foundation of which - is data.

64% Of Marketing Executives "Strongly Agree" that Data-Driven Marketing is Crucial in today's economy.

Are You Satisfied with Merely Hitting Your Goals? 

Marketers that were using personalized techniques exceeded their revenue goals while 83% of marketers that employ data-driven campaigns enjoyed more than five times the ROI on marketing spend. More than FIVE TIMES...are you satisfied with the marketing "norm" or are do you want to stand out and be a data-driven business? 
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" Build a fire so big and so hot that even your competitors stare in amazement. "

- Grant Cardone

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